ADUKG About Us



Cultural and engagement surveys can help organisations improve performance significantly by identifying the sources of organisational problems. ADUKG experts have extensive experience working with organisations, using in-depth research to direct their strategy and improve performance. They can support your organisation to conduct:
  • General surveys including engagement and culture, or 360-degree surveys
  • In-depth analysis of survey work to identify key trends and patterns within the business
  • Investigations into critical behaviours for success in individuals and teams
  • Reviews of the effectiveness of competency or performance management frameworks


ADUKG’s successful programmes and services are all based on cutting-edge research, tailored to a particular partner’s requirements. We strive to always stay abreast of issues that influence business and personal excellence in the region, and we are committed to sharing our learning with our clients.


Although the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is one of the most successful economic development zones in the world, relatively little is known about the ingredients for effective leadership in the Arab world. Research output on the subject - and on some of the extraordinary social changes taking place - is low. Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group is about change through straightforward action and the involvement of key members of the community in finding out ‘what works here?’.


  • Some issues that are important focuses for us are:
  • What are the motivational factors that drive leaders in the region?
  •  What are the critical factors in employee engagement?
  • How do companies catapult young leaders into positions of great responsibility at low risk?
  • How do you ensure you capture the benefits of a diverse workforce?