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16.04.2017 What does it take to keep employees engaged in Training & Development?
Social media can be a challenge for any organisation – get it right and you connect with an audience and customers on a previously unimagined scale


09.04.2017 How employees can be your greatest asset on social media
Social media can be a challenge for any organisation – get it right and you connect with an audience and customers on a previously unimagined scale


29.03.2017 The arguments for (and against) flexible working hours
Companies such as Google, LinkedIn and Apple are renowned as companies where employees are consistently effusive and enthusiastic about their employers.


16.03.2017 Is it possible to be an employer like Google without the billion dollar budget?
Companies such as Google, LinkedIn and Apple are renowned as companies where employees are consistently effusive and enthusiastic about their employers.


12.03.2017 The art of persuasion: how to get people to do what you need them to do
No matter the organisation, whether you are the leader, a middle manager or an employee, you will almost certainly have confronted a situation where you needed to rely on your persuasive skills to get


07.03.2017 Why honesty in communication is absolutely critical
That effective communication is an important facet of business success is hardly a revolutionary statement in itself. Nearly every leadership development programme, for example, will spend a considerable amount of time on presentation skills, the ability to project a particular image as a leader..


05.03.2017 How important are intrinsic rewards for Employee Engagement?
Most of us are familiar with the need to quickly become adjusted to the features and functionality of a new smartphone. When the urge to upgrade overwhelms and a brand-new shiny handset is before us, we very quickly set out to learn how to use it and make full use of our new gadget.


02.03.2017 The importance of constant learning
Most of us are familiar with the need to quickly become adjusted to the features and functionality of a new smartphone. When the urge to upgrade overwhelms and a brand-new shiny handset is before us, we very quickly set out to learn how to use it and make full use of our new gadget.


20.02.2017 The personalised workspace: Making the office feel like home
As more and more offices adopt open-plan hot-desking arrangements where individual employees regularly move location and change their neighbouring colleagues, the idea of having a personalised


13.02.2017 Future Trends: Focus on Adaptability
As we enter 2017, ADUKG is taking a moment in this short series of blogs to look at some of the possible trends in Training & Development and Consulting over the next 12 months.


26.01.2017 Future Trends: Micro-learning Goes Large
As we enter 2017, ADUKG is taking a moment in this short series of blogs to look at some of the possible trends in Training & Development and Consulting over the next 12 months.


24.01.2017 Future Trends: Getting Specific on T&D
As we enter 2017, ADUKG is taking a moment in this short series of blogs to look at some of the possible trends in Training & Development and Consulting over the next 12 months.


19.01.2017 2016 Review: Favourite Blogs & Posts
As 2016 comes to a close, ADUKG is looking back at some of our key successes and favourite moments from the last year. Throughout this short series of posts, we will be celebrating some of our successful projects, our partnerships & events, and our people that have made it all happen.


05.01.2017 2016 Review: Thought Leadership
As 2016 comes to a close, ADUKG is looking back at some of our key successes and favourite moments from the last year. Throughout this short series of posts, we will be celebrating some of our successful projects, our partnerships & events, and our people that have made it all happen.


03.01.2017 2016 Review: Events & Conferences
As 2016 comes to a close, ADUKG is looking back at some of our key successes and favourite moments from the last year. Throughout this short series of posts, we will be celebrating some of our successful projects, our partnerships & events, and our people that have made it all happen.


29.12.2016 2016 Review: Programmes & Partnerships
As 2016 comes to a close, ADUKG is looking back at some of our key successes and favourite moments from the last year. Throughout this short series of posts, we will be celebrating some of our successful projects, our partnerships & events, and our people that have made it all happen.


19.12.2016 2016 Review: CSR Success
As 2016 comes to a close, ADUKG is looking back at some of our key successes and favourite moments from the last year.


14.11.2016 Explaining hard choices: The leadership challenge of decision making
Decision making is a crucial skill for every leader and aspiring leader to foster and develop. As the person in charge, people will always look to you for direction when a choice needs to be made.


13.11.2016 Balancing work & life – finding the balance where you stay productive
Work-life balance can often be discussed as more of an unobtainable abstract theory than as something that normal, functioning humans might actually hope to achieve.


08.11.2016 How much does talent mean to your organisation?
Gauging exactly what “talent” means to your organisation depends, to a large extent, on how you choose to define the concept of “talent” in the first place.


31.10.2016 Heading for the door – how employees leave
A new study by Anthony C. Klotz of Oregon State University and Mark C. Bolino from the University of Oklahoma has investigated the different ways that employees leave their jobs.


31.10.2016 Retaining Women in the Workplace
In recent front page news, Abu Dhabi announced that government employees in the UAE capital ..


26.10.2016 Adaptive Learning: Is it all about technology?
As technology continues to march into nearly every part of our work and private lives, there is inevitable and growing discussion..


26.09.2016 This is why project management skills are essential for leaders
Customer loyalty is often seen as a gold-encrusted goal of many organisations.


25.09.2016 How employees boost customer loyalty
Customer loyalty is often seen as a gold-encrusted goal of many organisations.


21.09.2016 Entrepreneurs & Engagement: How start-ups can bolster engagement
Start-ups can present an exciting, appealing employment prospect for many people – a dynamic..


08.09.2016 These are the attributes that set a great mentor apart
A mentoring arrangement that produces real results for its participants doesn’t happen without effort.


30.08.2016 Developing the Middle: How to unleash the potential of middle managers
Middle-management is often maligned, often criticised and often blamed, yet is also totally critical to the success of their organisation.


29.08.2016 Bolstering Collaboration in any team
Teamwork. For some, an exciting opportunity to collaborate, work with new people, and come up with creative ideas and initiatives.


28.08.2016 Training to Win: How to think like an Olympian
Rio 2016 may have finished, and its winning athletes may have long-since returned home with their medals displayed proudly around their necks, but the lessons their efforts can provide are still there to be taken.


24.08.2016 Listening to feedback: How to take professional criticism
We may also see that most feedback is delivered with well-meaning intent that is truthfully meant to be supportive and constructive.


23.08.2016 This is why poor employee onboarding can cost your company money
The experience of onboarding for many people can vary immensely between the different organisations they have come into contact with.


11.08.2016 Managing with Hindsight: The problem of Post-Hoc Management
Through these blogs we have looked at many different forms of leadership and management..


10.08.2016 Self-development: A crucial focus for every serious professional
You may well be fortunate enough to work in an organisation that has established training & development programmes aimed at providing professional skills and leadership development..


09.08.2016 How work-life balance programmes can reduce employee stress
Depending on the organisation you work for, and the particular role you might have, work-life balance ..


04.08.2016 Compassion: A crucial leadership attribute
OCompassion and leadership are, perhaps, two words that are not obviously linked.


03.08.2016 What are Workplace Micro Aggressions ?
Our partner, BlessingWhite, recently discussed the concept of workplace Micro Aggressions in an excellent article – “LadyDay is Everyday”.


02.08.2016 Next-gen appraisals: What will performance management look like in 100 years?
There have been many articles and opinion pieces recently on the subject of how traditional performance management reviews are felt to have become increasingly outdated and unhelpful.


31.07.2016 The fear of being “found out”: What is Imposter Syndrome?
Planning for an important meeting shouldn’t simply mean the planning done on the part of the meeting organiser.


28.07.2016 Going for a win-win in meetings
Planning for an important meeting shouldn’t simply mean the planning done on the part of the meeting organiser.


27.07.2016 Leading different cultures
For many people working in the MENA region, the idea of a multicultural team of people from different countries..


26.07.2016 High-impact mentoring
Highly-effective, high-impact mentoring - that delivers sustainable growth and boosts achievement - begins..


23.06.2016 Natural talent vs. trying hard. Which do organisations prefer?
There are motivational quotes adorning the walls of many an office extolling the virtue of making the effort and working hard.


22.06.2016 Making CSR initiatives count

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now widely accepted as a worthwhile business priority ..


21.06.2016 Maintaining your work productivity during Ramadan

Whether you are fasting or not, one of the key work challenges that arises during the Holy Month of Ramadan is the effort to maintain productivity ..


14.06.2016 Does fewer email equal greater productivity?

Most professionals will have had the experience of starting their working day with a very particular plan ..


13.06.2016 Engaging with Engagement Surveys

Engagement surveys are a common feature of many organisations’ efforts to understand and analyse their employees’ level of engagement with their employer.


12.06.2016 In recruitment, focusing on candidate experience can make the difference

Human resources managers and business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that the quality of an organisation’s recruitment process can have a huge impact on an organisation’s overall success.


30.05.2016 Work-life balance vs Career Progression. Which one wins for you?

Give most people a choice between a great work-life balance and ready opportunities to advance up the career ladder


29.05.2016 These are the most valuable coaching behaviours

We have looked previously at some aspects of our partner, BlessingWhite’s, research into the different approaches organisations take towards coaching and the impact it can have on their business.


26.05.2016 Making Management Matter

Most business professionals would likely agree that good management is critical for the success of their organisation.


17.05.2016 How Executive Coaching supports CEO development

Executive coaching is increasingly viewed as an essential component of organisational and leadership success


16.05.2016 A people apart: Are CEOs different to others?

New research by Steven Kaplan and Morten Sorensen has aimed to answer whether business leaders, and in particular CEOs, actually differ from others in terms of their basic characteristics.


15.05.2016 Focused, shorter meetings = greater productivity

Meetings, whether face-to-face, over the phone or through video-conferencing, are both an organisational necessity and a potential black hole for corporate productivity.


12.05.2016 Organisational design: A key focus for 2016

Deloitte’s new “Global Human Capital Trends 2016”, which surveyed some 7,000 individuals from more than 130 countries, found a strong shift in focus towards organisational design.


11.05.2016 What your company can learn from the most popular employers

A recent YouGov survey of the brands millennials most desired to work for threw up some predictable names.


10.05.2016 Saudi Vision 2030: Focusing on Learning for Working

The announcement of Saudi Arabia’s full Vision 2030 reform plan in late April was watched with keen interest by many around the region.


09.05.2016 Does a bruised Apple need to change direction?

The end of April brought with it some predictably hyperbolic reaction to the news that Apple – that Apple – had suffered its first fall in revenue in over a decade.


08.05.2016 Is flexible working the way to engage Millennials?

The impact of millennials in the workplace has been a point of regular discussion in recent times, with a range of organisations and researchers producing in-depth studies into the various motivations and workplace needs of those individuals born between approximately 1980 and 2000.


02.05.2016 The Middle East’s CEO talent roundabout

Strategy, part of PwC, has released the latest edition of its CEO Success Study, revealing some interesting statistics about the rate or CEO turnover in the region and around the world.


01.05.2016 Is your business focused on digital transformation?

Whatever your industry, it is a fair assumption that technological change is having a major impact on the way you interact with customers.


28.04.2016 The dangers of workplace stress

Today, April 28th, is World Day for Safety & Health at Work, the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) annual day to promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases around the world.


27.04.2016 This is why you can’t afford to ignore customer service

This week, the annual Arabian Travel Market – the region’s biggest travel industry exhibition – again opened its doors.


26.04.2016 The question at the heart of every succession planning process: To Buy or to Build?

One way to think about succession planning is to think of it as the pursuit of ensuring that you have the right people in the right positions at the right time.


25.04.2016 3 insider tips for improving your IELTS performance

Here are three insider tips from ADUKG’s expert IELTS examiners aimed at every individual preparing to maximise their performance during their IELTS test


24.04.2016 Robots: Employees in disguise?

If you believe the many, many headlines of recent days and months, the robots are coming and they’ve got eyes on everybody’s jobs.


21.04.2016 How strategic planning can actually produce results

Many companies around the world will have started their annual strategic planning process, aimed at setting priorities, allocating resources and focusing on performance.


20.04.2016 Do you trust your employer?

The global PR company Edelman recently released a new piece of research – the Edelman Trust Barometer 2016 – aimed at investigating the level of trust which exists between employees and their employers.


19.04.2016 No more bonuses: Should Executives pay be fixed?

Two London Business School Professors – Freek Vermeulen and Dan Cable – recently penned an article making a strong argument for “Why CEO pay should be 100% fixed”.


18.04.2016 5 ways to do more and work less

Most professionals have probably had at least one day at work where it seemed like there simply wasn’t enough hours to get every urgent pending task completed.


17.04.2016 Closing the Gender gap in the Workplace

A widely-discussed report into the representation of women at every level of organisations from the US by McKinsey & Co.


14.04.2016 What the private sector can learn from KSA’s new direction

In a recent extensive interview with Bloomberg journalists, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince HH Mohammed bin Salman discussed a wide-range of the Kingdom’s recent initiatives and wholesale economic changes that are likely to significantly shift the country’s focus.


13.04.2016 Setting the virtuous circle of coaching in motion

ADUKG partner, BlessingWhite, recently undertook an in-depth study into organisations’ different approaches to coaching and the impact they have recorded it having on their own business.


12.04.2016 You won’t get far in leadership without these attributes

A recent Harvard Business Review article by Dr. Sunnie Giles – “The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders Around World”


10.04.2016 The Career Fast-Track: What you need to do to get promoted

Conventional wisdom might hold that a person should be honest about their weaknesses and then seek to develop those areas to make them stronger.


06.04.2016 The Skills gap: Fact or Fiction?

In certain quarters, the “Skills Gap” appears to be a very real and a very worrying problem.


05.04.2016 Four rules for succession success

The nature of succession planning is that there are likely to be potential successors who are left out in the cold by the process.


04.04.2016 For leaders, humility is key

CEOs are very often praised for their charismatic approach or their strategic vision.


03.04.2016 Does a directive style of management still have a role in the workplace?

Consider some of the crucial components of a directive style of management


31.03.2016 4 attributes of high achievers

Self-confidence is a defining characteristic of every high achiever. They have exceptionally strong belief in their own abilities and in their own capacity to succeed, and they don’t let self-doubt get in the way of achievement.


30.03.2016 What does Google’s Go Contest mean for the future workplace?

In the past few weeks, a major technological talking point has been the competition held between Google-owned DeepMind’s AlphaGo and South Korea’s Go Grandmaster Lee Sedol.


29.03.2016 Fact: Trust is crucial for effective teamwork

As a concept, “organisational change” can often be thought of in the same ominous and threatening breath as “downsizing’ or “improving operational efficiencies”.


28.03.2016 Coaching through change

As a concept, “organisational change” can often be thought of in the same ominous and threatening breath as “downsizing’ or “improving operational efficiencies”.


27.03.2016 Why social media skills are essential for every employee

The first step towards preventing leadership derailment is, perhaps not surprisingly, to understand the concept of what derailment actually is.


24.03.2016 How globalisation is impacting on your leadership

The first step towards preventing leadership derailment is, perhaps not surprisingly, to understand the concept of what derailment actually is.


23.03.2016 3 ways leadership derailment can be avoided

The first step towards preventing leadership derailment is, perhaps not surprisingly, to understand the concept of what derailment actually is.


22.03.2016 Connected Government Focus: Cybersecurity

A critical concern that is often raised during discussions about connecting governments is the issue of cybersecurity and how best to protect vulnerabilities against illegal actions.


21.03.2016 6 ways to boost internal customer service

Managers who coach their teams, rather than simply micro-manage their every action, are likely to see an upsurge in productivity, more creative ideas for how to approach tasks, and greater engagement in their work.


20.03.2016 What is the ROI on Employee Wellness efforts?

Employee health and wellness programmes – whether a dedicated programme of health-related activities, the introduction of specific ergonomic office adjustments, health-screening efforts, or simply the provision of a bowl of fresh fruit each day – have become a mainstay of many organisations.


17.03.2016 Why Character Matters in Leadership

Character is often discussed as one of the critical factors of good leadership, up there in importance with having the competency to lead effectively, as well as possessing the drive and determination to be a success.


16.03.2016 Management focus: When to use a participative style of management

Participative management is often described as a style focused on creating an open forum where employees are actively engaged in contributing to the decision-making process.


15.03.2016 3 ways career coaching can help you meet your goals

Career coaching is often something that people only engage with when they are actively seeking a new role – perhaps essentially as a way to prepare for interview or to polish their CV.


14.03.2016 Wearing your emotions at work

In this fast-paced world where people spend more than 60% of their time working, it is very hard for people to keep emotions outside work.


13.03.2016 3 ways to improve Strategic Management

Boost your team’s productivity with these 3 tips on strategic management excellence


08.03.2016 Focusing on your self-development

We have often talked about the benefits that organisations can take from investing in their employees’ training & development – from bolstered skills and expanded capacities, to greater employee engagement and reduced staff turnover.


07.03.2016 What is Business Excellence?

For many people, business excellence is a concept that simultaneously appears glaringly self-explanatory, and incredibly difficult to actually define. On the one hand, ‘business excellence’ should simply denote a business that is outstanding; a true leader in its field. On the other, drilling down into exactly how a business is exceptional, and then measuring this against other market-leaders can appear to be an especially complex task.


06.03.2016 The Leader in 2025: An Introduction

Workplaces are very different places to be in than they were even a decade ago. The incredible pace of technological advancement, changing population demographics, and the different expectations and demands they place on employers have created a workplace almost unrecognisable from that of a generation ago.


03.03.2016 This is why potential successors’ engagement is crucial for leadership succession planning

We investigated in a previous blog what employers need to look out for to identify demotivated employees within their organisation. This week, we consider some of the best approaches to coaching these disengaged workers back to full engagement within your organisation.


02.03.2016 Coaching the disengaged

We investigated in a previous blog what employers need to look out for to identify demotivated employees within their organisation. This week, we consider some of the best approaches to coaching these disengaged workers back to full engagement within your organisation.


01.03.2016 Measuring employee engagement

How do you measure employee engagement? Is it possible to put a conclusive value on something as subjective as the level of interest and commitment an individual has in an organisation?


29.02.2016 Keeping leadership development relevant

For almost as long as there have been leaders, there have also been people talking about different leadership models


24.02.2016 How to be an effective team member

At every level of an organisation, professionals need to be able to work effectively as part of a team.


22.02.2016 How to be more productive at work

Almost every professional will have had days that seem to never finish and yet leave you feeling like you don’t know where the time has gone.


21.02.2016 The Real Deal? An introduction to Authentic Leadership

Although it has been more informally discussed for many years, the concept of Authentic Leadership is generally most associated with Bill George and his 2003 book titled simply “Authentic Leadership”. In it, he suggests that authentic leadership is practised when a leader is consistent with their own values and personality.


18.02.2016 Building a Learning Culture in the Workplace

An organisation that encourages continuous learning & development is likely to benefit from more engaged employees who are continually adding to their skills and, consequently, are better placed to help it drive towards future success.


17.02.2016 Family Businesses & Difficult Market Conditions

In turbulent market conditions, family businesses – like every other company – must look at their own organisation and consider whether they are best prepared to survive more uncertain circumstances.


16.02.2016 The Contingency Theory of Leadership

Developed and researched in the 1960s by Fred Fiedler, the contingency theory of leadership effectively states that no one style of leadership can be considered definitively as “the best”.


15.02.2016 How should you identify training and development needs?

Every employer wants to maximise their ROI on training & development initiatives. There is an intrinsic value in investing in your people of course, but there should also be a definitive business advantage to spending the time and money on development


14.02.2016 6 tips for better start-up leadership

We have spoken on these pages before of the benefits of finding a mentor to support an individual’s professional and executive development.


11.02.2016 Personal branding: What it is and why it’s important

With the rise of social media, personal branding has become an increasingly discussed and embraced concept – both in the context of the online world and in the broader landscape of a person’s career trajectory.


10.02.2016 3 KSA industries that need to focus on Training & Development in 2016

Saudi Arabia’s healthcare sector has been identified as a priority sector for both economic and human development.


09.02.2016 How to deal with workplace bullies as a leader

Workplace bullying, of one form or another, can be a very damaging problem in any organisation.


07.02.2016 What is the greatest management attribute?

A good manager needs to rely on a broad range of attributes and skills to perform at their best and to get the most from the people in their team.


04.02.2016 The ‘Great Man’ theory: Trait leadership in three minutes

Trait leadership, at its core, aims to identify a number of innate traits that are thought to be common among successful leaders.


02.02.2016 5 ways to boost skills in your sales team

Sales teams are perhaps not the first place you would look for a sterling show of teamwork.


01.02.2016 Introduction to Path-Goal Theory

The Path-Goal Theory of Leadership was first developed by Robert House in the early 1970s. At its most basic, it essentially describes a leader’s responsibility for supporting and encouraging their followers towards their goals, and outlines four types of leadership that can be applied to help fulfil this.


31.01.2016 3 steps for dealing with a toxic influence in the workplace

As a manager, you can hope that - most of the time - your team is a relatively cohesive, engaged and productive group who together achieve a great many things.


28.01.2016 The benefits of a Connected Government

In many countries, the drive towards a more connected government is really about utilising and integrating the latest technologies to bolster the connectivity of different government departments, and thereby improve the cooperation and collaboration between government, the private sector and individual citizens.


27.01.2016 Opinion: Status doesn’t dictate whether a person can lead

Leadership in an organisation does not need to come from only those with legitimate power.


26.01.2016 Motivating staff through harder times

When faced with challenging economic conditions, managers can often face an uphill challenge to keep their teams motivated and engaged in their work.


24.01.2016 Serve first: Introduction to servant leadership

The definition and concept of the servant-leader was first introduced into the general consciousness by Robert K. Greenleaf in the 1970s.


21.01.2016 Is Microlearning the answer to your T&D needs or just a fad?

Current predictions for the economic outlook for 2016 range from the gloriously optimistic to the frighteningly apocalyptic.


20.01.2016 4 reasons why 2016 is the year to invest in training & development

Current predictions for the economic outlook for 2016 range from the gloriously optimistic to the frighteningly apocalyptic.


19.01.2016 How secondments can benefit your employees

Working with a new department in a different area of a business can provide an employee with a whole new area of experience.


18.01.2016 Personality matters: Introduction to Charismatic Leadership Theory

Many organisations rely on employees with technical and specialist skills to drive forward their company’s new technology, new products and new directions. Success or failure of such initiatives can very often rest on whether these specialists are properly engaged in their work, and whether their managers can adopt an effective approach to fully realise their specialist skills.


17.01.2016 3 tips to manage people with specialist skills

Many organisations rely on employees with technical and specialist skills to drive forward their company’s new technology, new products and new directions. Success or failure of such initiatives can very often rest on whether these specialists are properly engaged in their work, and whether their managers can adopt an effective approach to fully realise their specialist skills.


14.01.2016 Talking Money: The Compensation Talk

Beyond all of the necessary and worthy talk about subjects such as employee engagement, career coaching and professional development, one of the key discussions that managers will have to have with their reports is on simple compensation.


12.01.2016 Going in circles? An introduction to 360 Degree Feedback

Many professionals will be confronted by the development tool that is ‘360 Degree Feedback’ at some point in their career.


10.01.2016 What will be your legacy at your organisation?

When you move on or retire from your present role, what will be your legacy? For example, will there be a lasting impact on the workplace culture that can be attributed to you? Or will tasks be approached entirely differently on account of the decisions you took while you were there?


07.01.2016 4 tips for better feedback

When giving feedback - whether it is effusive recognition of a job well-done, or a corrective action to improve performance - it is important to offer constructive suggestions that go beyond simply being positive or negative.


06.01.2016 More connected, yet further apart? Building connections in a global team

In the modern business world, many leaders will have responsibility for teams that live and work in different cities, countries, even continents.


04.01.2016 Opinion: In leadership, it’s all about behaviour & attitude

Over 120 years ago, the US Library of Congress had no particular focus on the subject of leadership.


03.01.2016 What do you do when you’ve made a bad hire?

An organisation faces a particular dilemma when it becomes evident that they have made a poor hiring decision.


31.12.2015 3 New Year’s Leadership resolutions

One of the biggest complaints of top management from the employees of many organisations is that they are simply too far removed from day-to-day work.


30.12.2015 Top Training & Development Trends for 2016

The oil price has been a talking point for most businesses in the region over the past year, with even companies far removed from the oil & gas world closely monitoring how the continued low prices might impact on regional markets.


29.12.2015 An introduction to transformational leadership

The concept of transformational leadership is widely associated with James McGregor Burns, who is credited with describing the concept in his book “Leadership” from 1978.


28.12.2015 Why employees are your biggest recruitment asset

When candidates are looking at your company as a potential employer, it is your own employees that act as the biggest advertisement of what it is like to work at your organisation.


27.12.2015 The art of persuasion: How to get things done

Getting others to get things done is a key challenge for many people in the workplace, whether they are in a management position or lower down the chain.


24.12.2015 5 ways to creatively solve organisational problems

Managers at every organisation are required to tackle organisational problems and challenges on a daily basis.


23.12.2015 Opinion: Why it’s important to talk about leadership derailment

A simple definition of leadership derailment is to describe it as someone going off-track in their career because of any of a variety of reasons – perhaps the style of leadership they have, negative life experiences, or because of a period of stress. More than likely, the situation will be complex and will encompass more than one component.


22.12.2015 Building trust in the workplace

An organisation’s overriding culture can play a big role in the level of trust employees have in their leaders. A culture averse to open communication, or one that appears to punish failure or promote excessive employee competitiveness, is likely to increase the overriding sense of stress and unease individuals feel while at work. This stress is certainly not conducive to building trust.


21.12.2015 3 quick tips to improve your Leadership Succession

Planning for leadership succession should be a part of every organisation’s long-term strategy, and should categorically avoid being a process that is only engaged with at the moment of a leadership crisis.


20.12.2015 How to encourage independent thinking

A corporate culture which fosters innovation will be built on the individual creative contributions of its various teams.


17.12.2015 Boost your HR skills: A beginner’s guide for Non-HR managers

The role of managers is often said to have expanded in recent years into areas it never previously strayed.


16.12.2015 Carrot vs Stick: An Introduction to Transactional Leadership

Transactional leadership is most famously associated with the idea of rewards and punishments.


14.12.2015 The Future of Leadership Starts Today

Our partners BlessingWhite look at the changing nature of global workplaces and consider the potential impact on approaches to leadership.


13.12.2015 The case of Marissa Mayer and Yahoo: good leaders don’t depend on luck

Consider the case of Yahoo and what it can teach us about the importance of timing for every leader.


13.12.2015 Why Nationals are the UAE’s greatest Natural Resource

Investing in the training & development of Emirati Nationals is a national priority for every organisation operating in the country


10.12.2015 Should strength-based development be a part of your Talent Management approach?

The underlying idea behind strength-based development is fairly straightforward – rather than focusing on a person’s weaknesses and seeking to improve these limited skills, instead focus training & development on their strength areas to make them really good in some abilities.


09.12.2015 3 tips for communicating organisational change

Effectively communicating change to employees begins with a requirement that the manager understands both the change itself, as well as the reasons that lie behind it.


08.12.2015 This is why higher employee engagement is good for your brand

A great deal of the talk about employee engagement focuses on the greater productivity and higher efficiency that it can produce.


07.12.2015 4 ways to build a stronger team

A great team doesn’t happen by accident. As a manager, creating the right conditions for an effective team to grow and flourish together is crucial if you want to reap the rewards of an effective team dynamic. Here are 4 tips to quickly build a stronger and more productive team.


06.12.2015 An introduction to Authoritarian Leadership

Authoritarian leadership is perhaps the most immediately recognisable leadership style. Ask a person to come up with an example of a leadership figure, and the chances are pretty good that they will think of a powerful ruler or military leader from history who fully embodies the idea of leading through strict control.


29.11.2015 Creative culture comes from within

Ideas – particularly those that have changed the world or made a great deal of money – are among the most desirable of all business attributes. Dr. Ahmad Badr looks at how to encourage innovation.


29.11.2015 How Strategic Talent Management boosts organisational success

Strategic talent management from an employee’s point of view might be viewed as covering the whole lifecycle of their relationship with an organisation.


26.11.2015 Making sustainability a daily concern

The idea of corporate sustainability is well ingrained in most organisations’ high-level discourse and strategy.


25.11.2015 3 Stress Management tips

Many employees cite workplace stress as a critical driver of reduced engagement.


24.11.2015 Bringing Kagan to the GCC

ADUKG CEO, Dr. Ahmad Badr, has already discussed some of the key advantages of the Kagan approach to cooperative learning in a recent feature article in Education Journal Middle East.


22.11.2015 How training & development can bolster good corporate governance

Corporate governance – or the lack thereof – appears in the business news pages with a thumping regularity.


19.11.2015 Why self-awareness is important for every manager

As managers climb the career ladder and take on more responsibility, they must focus on developing a great many different skills and capabilities.


18.11.2015 5 ways to align corporate strategy with training

It is a fairly safe assertion to suggest that you don’t talk to your spouse or child in the same way that you would to a subordinate at work.


17.11.2015 Adjusting your approach: A quick introduction to Situational Leadership

It is a fairly safe assertion to suggest that you don’t talk to your spouse or child in the same way that you would to a subordinate at work.


15.11.2015 Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk have the same confidence as James Bond, but without the ego

Dr Ahmad Badr, ADUKG CEO, discusses the need for leaders to balance ego with self-awareness.


15.11.2015 Looking forward: The prospects for Emiratisation in 2016

With preparations for ADUKG’s 7th Annual Emiratisation Forum in full swing, we take a look here at some of the prospects for Emiratisation in 2016.


15.11.2015 Why Quality Management is everybody’s concern

Most people would be able to give a fairly full description of what ‘quality’ means in a business setting.


12.11.2015 How to deal with organisational change

Organisational change, large or small, can be a disruptive and uncomfortable process for all concerned.


11.11.2015 5 tips for career coaching as a manager

Career coaching is often not a formal part of a manager’s role, yet is arguably one of the most effective methods for maintaining and improving the engagement of their team.


10.11.2015 The Family Business Leadership Challenge

The UAE has many examples of well-run and extremely successful family businesses.


09.11.2015 5 reasons leaders should take a lead in talent management

There is a great deal of talk of a future organisational battle for talent, where employers will need to work harder and harder to recruit and retain the best and brightest employees.


08.11.2015 How do you tailor leadership development for KSA?

Leadership development, wherever it takes place, must keep a close eye on the needs and requirements of local market conditions and the culture of the population.


01.11.2015 Leadership succession is a delicate process

ADUKG CEO Ahmad Badr considers how organisations need to fully engage in succession planning to ensure they stay on the right track.


28.10.2015 3 skills every professional needs in the job market

Recent news reports paint a mixed picture on exactly how the wider GCC market will perform over the next few years.


27.10.2015 4 ways to improve your work-life balance

Switching off the smart phone and ignoring work email is a screamingly obvious place to begin, but something that many professionals struggle to ever achieve.


26.10.2015 When plans go awry: What is leadership derailment? Feasibility

It is a fact of much of the discourse on leadership development that there is far more discussion of what needs to happen for things to go right, than there is for what should happen when things go wrong.


25.10.2015 Is the line-manager relationship the key engagement factor?

An employee’s relationship with their line-manager can play an enormous role in their overall engagement with their work.


22.10.2015 Employee Engagement: 3 reasons employees flee the nest

A TalentQ research report from last year found that 37% of employees responding to their survey were planning to leave their current jobs.


21.10.2015 Why coaching & mentoring should be a year-round focus

There are vast differences in organisational approaches to coaching and providing feedback – ranging from a once-a-year chat about performance, through to a dedicated and continuous process of mentoring that makes performance management a daily concern for all involved.


20.10.2015 The end-of-year appraisal: How does it rate?

The end-of-year appraisal will feel like a permanent fixture on the organisational calendar for many people


19.10.2015 A cut above: these are the three attributes setting truly innovative companies apart

There are many attributes that set apart famously innovative companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon.


18.10.2015 Cultural Intelligence can help you thrive in the multicultural mix

It is an exciting part of today’s globalised economy that workplace are increasingly international and professionals more globally mobile. ADUKG’s Dr. Ahmad Badr explains how cultural intelligence can boost leadership effectiveness in this diverse environment.


18.10.2015 Perpetual learning: Why you should always be looking to add to your skills

People who have a very particular career goal which amounts to their idea of ‘success’ might view their end goal as the whole point of training and skills development.


15.10.2015 3 steps to Identify real leadership potential

With ever-increasing competition to hire top-level talent, every organisation should be looking internally at the skills and potential of their current employees


14.10.2015 4 habits of great team leaders

An effective team leader needs to recognise the individual strengths of each member of their team and then understand how to utilise these talents for best effect.


13.10.2015 How do you manage change from the middle? The role managers need to play in organisational change

Organisational change might often be thought of as something that is driven by leaders and endured by the rest of the business.


12.10.2015 Get out what you put in. Making the most of having a mentor

We have looked previously at the approach would-be mentors should take to establish an effective mentoring relationship that is productive and useful for both parties. Here, we consider what responsibilities and objectives a mentee should set to take as much as possible from having a mentor.


11.10.2015 Why project management skills are essential for every professional

In a historical context, project management skills might have been understood to be essential for only a particular kind of professional – namely those who were specifically tasked with handling the organisation of a company’s projects


08.10.2015 Make sure you’re understood: 3 steps to better Email English

In the modern working world, emails are as much a fact of life as fights with a stubborn printer, overly-long meetings, and dubious-quality canteen food.


07.10.2015 Turn your customers into brand advocates: 6 tips to improve your customer service

Any effort to improve customer service should include a real effort to understand who your customers are, and what it is they need from you.


06.10.2015 What role should a leader play in corporate accountability?

Accountability is a word that crops up a great deal in the corporate world, and appears to mean different things to different people.


04.10.2015 What VW must do as it embarks on long road to recovery

For regular readers of the business pages, there has been one dominant rumbling story of the past fortnight. A brown cloud of diesel scandal now hangs above Volkswagen – former pride of Germany and the world’s biggest-selling car manufacturer.


20.09.2015 Kagan structures promise greater pupil engagement

ADUKG CEO Dr. Ahmad Badr looks at the advantages of using Kagan structures in the classroom.


20.09.2015 As a leader, how do you promote innovation?

A good deal of research has shown that senior leaders around the world view innovation as a top driver of future growth for their companies.


20.09.2015 Employees will respond in kind when they know they are valued

The current flux of regional business news runs between positivity and pessimism with remarkable regularity. One day, oil prices and property markets depress the mood. The next, new hiring and stock markets raise expectations.


17.09.2015 Can discomfort boost results?

Let’s start by being clear – when we talk about making a team uncomfortable, we don’t mean providing wooden benches or turning the AC to sub-zero.


16.09.2015 How to establish an effective mentoring relationship

Whether you are searching for advice to take your career to the next level, or have agreed to mentor a direct report, an effective mentoring relationship takes time and care to get right.


15.09.2015 What makes a country innovative?

When His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Rule of Dubai, announced the UAE Innovation Week at the beginning of August


14.09.2015 Why training IT skills can be a challenge

Given this blog’s existence on a website on the internet, it can reasonably be assumed that its readers have at least a basic understanding of how to operate computer technology.


13.09.2015 Leaders: The Ultimate Problem Solvers

You can make the argument that leadership, boiled right down to its constituent parts, is all about the art of solving problems.


12.09.2015 Take your management skills to the next level

Managers should always strive to improve their performance, even as they move through the echelons of an organisation.


11.09.2015 Identifying disengaged employees

We have looked previously at some of the ways an employer can re-engage demotivated employees, but how do you identify the people who have become disengaged with their work in the first place?


10.09.2015 Are you an effective communicator?

Most professionals are happy for the opportunity to develop their work skills


09.09.2015 Tips for better supply chain management

Your suppliers can be both a major asset and a potential sticking point within your supply chain process.


08.09.2015 Get it right first time: How assessment centres can improve recruitment

An average recruitment campaign will probably involve a fairly predictable and short range of tools – a trawl of submitted CVs and covering letters, followed by interviews with shortlisted candidates.


07.09.2015 Leaders must adapt to be adept

It is a fundamental part of our understanding of nature that organisms need to adapt to their environment to survive. There is a similar truth in the academic and corporate understanding of different approaches to leadership.


06.09.2015 Five ways to create your winning growth strategy

A company looking to grow must understand what their ideal customer base looks like, and what that customer base wants from their particular business.


04.09.2015 Can you train to be more creative?

An obvious requirement of an innovative organisation is that they have creative employees.


03.09.2015 6 steps to a better employee handbook

Most people will have had an employee handbook thrust into their hands during at least one orientation programme for a new role.


02.09.2015 How to make the move to senior management

The move from middle manager to a senior management position can be among the most daunting career moves a professional makes


01.09.2015 What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is one of those concepts that is talked about by a great many people and organisations, yet is often understood to mean many different things.


31.08.2015 Why cultural intelligence is important for every leader

Globalisation has changed much of what we know about the environment that organisations operate in.


30.08.2015 The Great Amazon Debate: Striking the balance on corporate culture

A few weeks ago, the New York Times ran an article that, it is fair to say, did not put the working conditions at internet giant Amazon in the rosiest of lights.


29.08.2015 Boosting Teamwork for Better Results

Teamwork is amongst the most commonly cited skills required of roles in almost every industry.


28.08.2015 5 tips for first-time managers

In the early days of your new position, there is a temptation to take on lots of new responsibilities and attempt to tackle them through new and untested approaches.


27.08.2015 The struggle to recruit niche skills

A 2015 survey by Monster.com found that 68% of Middle East and Indian businesses struggled to find the right talent for niche skills in areas such as IT.


26.08.2015 How leader-led development boosts organisational performance

The involvement of senior leaders in an organisation’s development programmes is an increasingly popular concept in the Middle East region – at least as a topic of discussion amongst leading human resources managers.


25.08.2015 3 reasons effective market research is essential for every new businesses

Regular market research, even relatively early in an organisation’s lifespan, helps businesses to adapt their approach for both short and long-term needs.


24.08.2015 Leaders’ vision for companies must be realistic, even when they are aiming for the stars

The problem with the concept of a “leadership vision” is that the actual language used to describe it can sound overly grandiose, and even vaguely mystical.


23.08.2015 Does gamification boost employee engagement in corporate training?

The concept of gamification is everywhere. From customer loyalty programmes to ‘likes’ on Facebook, the idea of including elements of games into everyday activities is certainly not new.


22.08.2015 5 leadership lessons you need to take on board

Most professionals have endured a meeting that has gone on much longer than it needs to.


21.08.2015 Why Emotional Intelligence is important in recruitment

Emotional Intelligence is an increasingly discussed topic in many organisations’ human resources departments.


20.08.2015 Approaches to Emiratisation

Last week, ADUKG CEO Dr. Ahmad Badr talked in The National  about the development of leadership skills among Emirati Nationals. In the article, he considered how focusing on particular approaches to the training & development of Emirati leaders could yield greater results – from considering the leadership role models most appealing to Emiratis, to selecting training methods most appropriate for the UAE’s particular culture.


19.08.2015 Why you need to keep your business strategy flexible

When you build a successful start-up through hard work and dedication, it can often be hard to let go of the business strategy that won your early success.


18.08.2015 Innovating for success

This month, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced the UAE Innovation Week, to be held from November 22 – 28 of this year.


17.08.2015 Qatar 2022: Before the football begins

It is approaching five years since Qatar first discovered that it had won the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


16.08.2015 4 tips to resolve conflict in the workplace

Conflict in the workplace can rear its head at any time – whether it is a disagreement about the approach to a project, a serious dispute about responsibilities, or friction caused by different personalities.


15.08.2015 What is your leadership style?

When thinking about leadership styles, most people probably have an image in their mind of a great leader.


14.08.2015 3 steps to better negotiation skills

It is clear that not all of us need to negotiate tense international treaties, high-stakes business deals, or grisly hostage situations.


13.08.2015 Leadership succession: Where do you begin?

For many organisations, leadership succession is a topic that is often pushed into the background; an issue only likely to be dealt with when it really is an issue.


12.08.2015 7 ways to make a good sales team great

Don’t be either too overbearing or too aloof. As a manager, you need to provide clear, communicated direction, but you also need to provide the space for your team to perform.


11.08.2015 Can you instil innovation as an organisational value?

Innovation and creativity are incredibly useful assets in any organisation. For a start-up, they could represent a new exciting product line;


10.08.2015 Developing Leadership Skills Among Emirati Nationals

You do not need to spend much time talking with human resources professionals in the UAE before the conversation inevitably turns to the topic of Emiratisation.


09.08.2015 Government Focus: How to improve your selection interviews

Public organisations need to recruit top talent to deliver the quality of service expected of them.


08.08.2015 How millennials will change the workplace

Anybody who spends any amount of time reading about leadership and management topics will be aware of the increasing weight of writing about millennials.


07.08.2015 4 tips for building a high performance culture

It would be a strange organisation indeed that stated it was not interested in promoting a high performance culture amongst its workforce.


06.08.2015 What are you views on e-learning?

E-learning is one of the most regularly-discussed topics in training & development, with many different commentators and studies identifying it as one of the key trends for the industry over the coming years.


05.08.2015 Government Focus: How to identify your organisation’s future skill needs

As a HR manager, part of your role is to identify and handle the dreaded organisational skills gap. This much-talked-about concept essentially covers the situation where there is an imbalance between the organisation’s needs and the current skills of your workforce.


04.08.2015 5 tips for reaching your career goals

Choose the right goals-Perhaps an obvious place to begin, but it does help to define the goals you want to strive for.


03.08.2015 As an employee, what keeps you engaged?

Let’s be honest: most employees first thought when asked the question “what factor would keep you engaged at work?” will likely be “pay me more”.


02.08.2015 3 ways to improve your coaching skills

As a manager, your ability to coach reports will be regularly tested, whether you are properly prepared for this challenge or not.


01.08.2015 7 management errors to avoid when you move into a new role

Demanding immediate respect- Your new position comes with a new level of authority – you’ve moved up the organisational ladder and you’ve gained new responsibilities.


31.07.2015 What drives the region’s business leaders?

The motivation that drives us to do any job can be difficult to describe simply. Sometimes the motivation might be a particular desired result or a financial incentive. It might be the satisfaction of completing a difficult task or a sense of discovery created when working on something new.


30.07.2015 3 steps to a better organised work day

Being more organised at work can often seem like an enticing but unobtainable prize, or a classic Catch-22 situation.


29.07.2015 Government Focus: The competencies every HR manager should have

HR managers need a broad base of skills to perform their roles effectively – from obvious attributes such as advanced communication skills to more nuanced skills such as cultural understanding and an awareness of particular local needs.


28.07.2015 How to improve your performance feedback

Many employees become disillusioned, even disorientated, with performance reviews when standards are applied inconsistently across an organisation.


27.07.2015 Salam, Hello: Why improving your language skills boosts employability

In the MENA region, it is very common to find yourself working in a multicultural workplace with a great range of languages being spoken.


26.07.2015 Effective leaders must learn how to cope with crises

The past few weeks have provided contrasting illustrations of the well-worn idea that it can be lonely at the top of the pile.


26.07.2015 The need for effective career coaching

Every serious professional needs to take the lead on their own career development. They must be clear on what it is they want from their career, and they must take steps to plan how they will achieve their targets.


25.07.2015 5 Top skills every successful entrepreneur must develop

Of course, the role of an entrepreneur is far from a one-size, fits-all proposition. Being the effective leader of a start-up requires many different skills appropriate to the particular industry you are operating in.


24.07.2015 Government Focus: 5 characteristics that help identify your high achievers

As in the private sector, government departments must always be aware of the need to develop the next generation of talent.


23.07.2015 The best approach to handling difficult customers

With the best will in the world, most people’s experience of working in any aspect of customer service is likely to have included at least a few negative or difficult situations.


22.07.2015 Delegate effectively: When and how to do it

It is a mistake to think that delegation is not a crucial management and leadership skill simply because it effectively involves a person handing responsibility for a task over to another.


21.07.2015 5 ways to engage a demotivated workforce

Keeping a workforce engaged in their work is a major challenge for many leaders.


20.07.2015 CEO Confidential: Where do you turn for trusted advice and coaching?

The debate over the distinction between ‘manager’ and ‘leader’ has rumbled on in academic and business circles for many years.


19.07.2015 Manager or leader? What is the difference?

Manager or leader? How do you make the distinction?


18.07.2015 How to lead a diverse workforce

One of the greatest attractions leading a team in the MENA region is the diverse staff you take charge of.


17.07.2015 Top 5 tips to make your speeches and presentations shine

Most people will be faced with the prospect of making a speech or presentation during their working life; many of us on a relatively frequent basis.


16.07.2015 What is the winning approach to employee orientation?

A great deal of research has shown that employees will likely decide whether they intend to stay with an employer long-term within the first 6 months of employment.


15.07.2015 Government Focus: Developing your next generation of leaders

The region’s government departments benefit from a level of employee commitment that many private sector organisations would be jealous of.


14.07.2015 Leading through organisational change

Coping with organisational change is among the most testing challenges a leader can face.


13.07.2015 Making tough choices: 5 Effective decision-making techniques

Brainstorming the pros and cons of a decision is a good first step for framing the question you need to answer.


12.07.2015 Recover from setbacks and bounce back stronger

Picking yourself up. Getting back on the horse. Shaking it off. In many of life’s situations, people will offer up a torrent of tired clichés about how we should recover after a mistake or failure.


12.07.2015 Boosting your competitive advantage as an employer

There has been a great deal of talk of a ‘war for talent’: a concept that means employers need to be conscious of their proposition to potential employees if they want to attract the brightest and best.


10.07.2015 Government Focus: Top Tips for boosting your customer service

ADUKG features tops tips to help government departments develop world-class customer service standards and highly-skilled staff.


09.07.2015 10 ways to improve your talent management processes

ADUKG profiles some of the key ways to effectively improve your talent management processes.


08.07.2015 Psychometrics – an essential recruitment tool or a nice-to-have luxury?

Many organisations use psychometrics to support their recruitment processes, benefiting from the insight the approach can give into candidates’ personality and skills.


07.07.2015 The most common management mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Getting the most from the people you manage is a constant balancing act of different requirements. Great managers know that this means constantly reassessing established practices.


06.07.2015 Setting career goals: 5 tips to help your employees reach their potential

As a training manager, a major part of your role is helping your organisation’s employees reach their full potential.


05.07.2015 What does quality leadership mean to you?

How do you judge the quality of your own leadership? What, to you, marks out a great leader?


28.06.2015 Follow the leader who is a good communicator

This month, the results of a survey by Glassdoor revealed that Google’s Larry Page was ranked as the highest-rated chief executive by his own employees. How did he achieve this?


14.06.2015 What the Fifa scandal and Sepp Blatter can teach us about fair play

What can Sepp Blatter’s lengthy term of office as the Fifa president teach us about a leader’s role in good corporate governance?


31.05.2015 Don’t retrain the Lionel Messi of your team

When you think of the most successful people and their particular talent, you rarely think of the other skills they may not possess.


10.05.2015 Lead from the top – and get the entire workforce involved

Real success for an organisation will only materialise when every employee makes the commitment to become a leader in their field.


28.04.2014 Succession Planning – or Smart Talent Management?

What exactly is succession planning? Some consider it similar to the royal line of succession to a throne – planning who will be the next member of the senior team...


21.04.2014 The Schizophrenic Leader

For the last 50 years psychologists have sold us the idea that our personality is relatively stable, that each of us has specific preferences that govern our overall behavior...


14.04.2014 Followership as Leadership; Allowing Others to Lead

The subject of leadership continues to be controversial, possibly because it has so many paradoxes and contradictions. Typically aligned to formal authority, organizational hierarchies’...