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02 Feb 2016

International education expert Laurie Kagan engages UAE school principals with dynamic demonstration of Kagan Cooperative Learning


School principals and educational executives from across the UAE have attended an interactive demonstration of Kagan Cooperative Learning, led by internationally-renowned educational expert and presenter, Laurie Kagan. The morning event, hosted by Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group (ADUKG) at the Park Rotana hotel, Abu Dhabi, was attended by 120 senior school leaders on Tuesday 2nd February.


The exclusive event was ADUKG’s official launch of Kagan Cooperative Learning in the Arabian Region. During the course of the dynamic workshop and conference, the attendees were introduced to the concept of Kagan Structures, one of the key principles underlying the Kagan approach. Kagan Structures are aimed at engaging every student in a classroom in concurrent, cooperative interaction. This means every individual contributes equally to discussion and supports their fellow students’ learning.


Attendees were able to experience the impact of Kagan Structures first-hand, as Laurie Kagan led them through a range of engaging demonstrations. They also viewed videos of how the Kagan approach has been applied around the world, and had time to ask questions of how the methodology could be applied in the UAE.


This cooperative approach to learning can produce some significant advantages over more traditional styles of classroom delivery. This includes delivering an embedded curriculum to students, no matter the subject matter of the lesson in question. Pupils develop an important base of soft skills – for example, communication and teamworking skills – while also being more engaged with the subject matter of the lesson. Classroom discipline can also be significantly improved and achievement levels are raised across the board.


“ADUKG is pleased that Kagan Cooperative Learning has received such a resoundingly enthusiastic reception from the UAE’s educational leaders. As Laurie Kagan has demonstrated so effectively, the benefits of this innovative approach to learning could add significant value to the way UAE schools approach teaching. Looking ahead, ADUKG will be supporting educators throughout the region to gain the skills they need to apply Kagan Structures in their own classrooms,” said Dr. Ahmad Badr, Chief Executive Officer of ADUKG.


Kagan Cooperative Learning is based on an extensive research programme conducted by Dr. Spencer Kagan. The approach is now used in many schools around the world, and Dr. Kagan and his team have developed over 200 Kagan Structures aimed at engaging every student in a classroom through cooperative learning.