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Events & Conferences


ADUKG has a team of specialists committed to planning and producing the highest quality events and conferences. We run a range of our own market-leading events and conferences, featuring programmes of internationally-renowned speakers and local specialists. Our objective is to focus on the most critical issues in region, and then to create events that can make a real contribution to developing the conversation further. In this way, we can make a significant impact to the region’s knowledge resources and to its further development.


Key Benefits:
  • ADUKG events focus on important regional issues and aim to make positive contribution to developing discussion further
  • Aim to make a significant contribution to the region’s knowledge resources and future development
  • Regular programme hosting international experts and local specialists


8th Annual Emiratisation Forum

“Leadership Development & Succession Planning for Nationals”
Emiratisation is a national priority of global relevance. Whether your organisation works in the public or private sector, there is a true need to understand past successes..

Event Dates: 15-16, May 2017
   Venue : Abu dhabi